Our NetAnalyze solution provides you with a truly
impartial, real-time analysis of how your end user
experiences your content delivery at any particular
moment. It evaluates over 25 thousand results per
second and covers networks in 230 countries,
providing increased visibility through continuous

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After evaluation, our NetOptimize takes over.
It automatically chooses the best provider and
best method of delivery available to you for that
specific timeframe. In addition, it allows you to
decide what actions to take for your specific
needs and ensure best possible performance
for every internet user around the world.

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New Multi-Platform Performance Optimization Solution

NetAnalyze/NetOptimize enables the evaluation, development, and automation of multi-vendor solutions... Read more (PDF)

Effectively navigate through the chaotic interconnection of platforms.

Deutsche Telekom's new and innovative solutions help you find your way around the multi-sourcing landscape. With over 32 thousand networks, an accelerating amount of devices, high-bandwidth data and exacting users, content delivery has become increasingly complex. We help overcome these challenges with a two-step strategy:


The only way to measure the performance of every cloud and delivery network provider. With the support of our community we take nearly 1 billion measurements each day. This is objective data from the real user's perspective - and exactly what you need to make smart decisions about which providers are best.

How it works

Join our community for free and place the NetAnalyze tag on your website.

Customers visiting your site automatically provide anonymous metrics from their perspective, e.g. internet speed

The tag on your site connects to our tests to gather a variety of performance measurements.

We host tests on the clouds, content delivery networks and datacenters that deliver content to your customers.

A billion measurements a day are taken from community members like you.

We create country reports providing visibility into the performance of providers from around the world.


Routing traffic based on real-time performance data. Users are automatically routed to the best provider, every time.

How it works

A customer requests your website from somewhere in the world.

Your providers perform better in different places at different times.

With 48 data centers distributed around the world NetOptimize goes to work and determines the optimal provider for the customer.

The customer is directed to the provider that will give them the best experience.

NetOptimize makes these decisions over 400 million times a day for millions of users.

Optimize performance and cost-efficiency with a multi-source strategy.

By working with several networks you will be able to effectively circumvent the damage outages can cause to your business.
Furthermore, this strategy will help you to enlarge your footprint into areas one provider alone cannot cover.

In addition to these immediately apparent benefits, multi-sourcing will decidedly reduce costs and increase revenue. That is because it allows you to choose the best provider - in terms of price and performance - at any given point in time. The result is maximum web and mobile application performance and happy customers who are loyal to your site.

Reach New Markets

Weaving together a global patchwork of data centers, delivery networks and clouds in closest proximity to local demand.

Mitigate Outage Risk

Automatically steering traffic to the best performing providers to mitigate the risk of an outage to ensure 24/7 availability.

Drive Customer Conversions

Delivering optimal performance for fast page loads, downloads and transactions to drive revenue and other conversions.

Optimize Costs

Moving traffic between providers based on cost optimizations and enabling informed tradeoffs between price and performance.

Improve SEO Effectiveness

By reducing bounce rates caused by page load and other performance issues.

Ensure a superior user experience while reducing risks

Multi-sourcing, also referred to as multi-cloud, is a hot topic in today's demanding digital content distribution market. It reduces the risk involved with relying on one provider or network by distributing delivery across several.

No one network can deliver optimum performance all the time. In case of a complete outage, single-source dependency is simply disastrous. Those are just some of the reasons what multi-sourcing should be part of every digital content distributor's game plan.

Users have come to expect high-quality online performance and instant access. Meanwhile, the number of devices, rich-media data and web applications are accelerating at a rapid pace. Providing consistent, quality performance is a challenge - one that multi-sourcing can help solve.

Optimized Price-to-performance
ratios with multiple providers
Lower outage risk to
ensure 24/7 availability
Fast page loads, downloads and
transactions to drive revenue
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